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You make great video. Barevalue is the YouTube video editing service that does the grunt work of video editing and gets it ready to release to the world.

Concentrate on creating engaging video content while we do the editing. No more compromising on the video or audio quality of content. Deliver the best video experience to your audience with our pay-as-you-go model for video editing services. Barevalue is the solution for YouTube and other video post-production services to enable your video content workflow.

What you get with Barevalue Video Editing

All the services you need for a completed video. Write and record your video content and send it to us -- we’ll do the rest. Video post-production for YouTube and other platforms done right. We pay as much attention and care to editing as you do to creating and recording your video. Your content will be in the right hands.

Create More

Since we’ll be taking care of all the video editing and rest of the production process, you will have time to strategize, create, and record more video. The more quality content you create, the more you’ll grow your audience.

Deliver Consistently

Wouldn’t it be nice to publish your video posts on time? And with quality? Because as much as the recording is fun, editing can be frustrating and time-consuming. That’s where we step in with our excellent video & audio editors who have an eye for details.

Grow More

We’ll back you like an in-house production team and help you take your video content to the top charts. With our video editing services, you’ll never have sweat the small stuff.

Barevalue family

Ready to join the Barevalue family of YouTubers & Video Creators?

We treat all our YouTubers and other video creater mavens no matter how small or big as a family and help them grow their audience by backing them with high-end editing and production services.


What Podcasters are Saying About Us

Barevalue has made publishing our podcasts a breeze. We've found them to be fast, affordable, and professional. On more than one occasion when I sent them the wrong file, they caught my mistake and helped fix it! I'd strongly recommend them if you're bogged down in your own podcast production. I can't imagine running The Agents of Change podcast without them!

Rich Brooks
The Agents of Change

I have used Barevalue since I started my 4:13 podcast and am absolutely pleased with their excellent service. They communicate clearly, they're super responsive when we need something done or redone and their editing is excellent. They've even gone the extra mile and helped me trouble shoot audio issues. I think they're a great team and offer a great service at a great value. I've never used another editing service because why bother? Barevalue is top notch. Highly recommend.

Jennifer Rothschild
Host of 4:13 Podcast

...what a great job you did. I already listened to it and uploaded it to my host to schedule release... You are awesome and I've been telling as many people as possible.

Brad Shreve
Queer Writers of Crime

We have answers to all your questions

What services are included in your video editing service?

Professionalizing video recordings to prepare them for release. Combining files, altering resolution and other technical changes needed. Optimizing video stabilization, color grading and light for a professional look. Overlaying, editing, leveling and mixing audio. Minimizing background noise, ambient sound, rustles and microphone pops to improve listening experience and improve professionalism. Adding custom graphics, effects, titles and text.

What’s the turn around time for an average length video?

Our team takes up to 5 business days to edit a video as we focus on delivering the best quality video editing services. Most often, we finish working on orders more swiftly.

We offer an express option with guaranteed delivery within 72 hours, business days.

Will I be required to give directions for editing?

Our team is very well trained experienced with editing a great variety of videos. Notes on your video including your desires or directions are very helpful and appreciated, but not required.

The more input you can provide on your desires both technically and stylistically the better video editing work we can do for you. Our editors can then follow your standards and preferences for video editing on your first order with Barevalue and apply them going forward.

How do you accept payments?

You can complete the purchase of video editing service by debit or credit card.

No subscription is required. All Barevalue services are pay-as-you-go. Use Barevalue video editing as little or as much as you need.

How do I submit my files for video editing?

Please upload all files for your video editing order in your account on our website.

What formats of file do you accept?

You can upload video files for editing in any of the major video file formats.

You can also include other files relevant to your order such as directions in a word file, audio files of music you wish mixed in or graphics to be used.

Just starting your YouTube channel or video production? Here’s what you need to know! (-:

Consider your intent, equipment and plan before you commit to your videos and submit them for editing. We'll be here for revisions if you need them (they are free!) but we love getting things done right for you the first time.


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