About Barevalue

The Barevalue Mission

We empower podcasters through our outstanding podcast audio editing service and producing quality show notes content. We provide our services with a simple and intuitive platform to manage this workflow, a great team and kind support.

Save Time

Barevalue worries about the podcast editing details so that you don’t have to worry about editing your podcast episodes. We do the podcast editing heavy-lifting, making your entire podcasting process more efficient.

Create Better Content

Barevalue podcast editing and show notes maintains the high quality and consistency of your content. Our service makes it easier to manage professional episodes accompanied by accurate podcast show notes ready to be distributed.

Be Supported

we are on your team. We start by matching your project with the right talent from our team of experienced audio editors and show notes writers. Our account managers step in when there is question or concern. We will support you until you have podcast episodes that are ready to post.

Join the Podcast Press Family

To date, we have produced more than 20,000 podcasts for over 300 Global brands such as Salesforce, Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania.