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The Barevalue Mission

Professional, Pay-As-You-Go business media services.

We have you sounding better, filming better, looking better and being better. We provide our services with simple ease-of-use, kind support and no subscriptions.

Better Content

We are on your team. We make your content sound, look and be better. We start by matching your project with the right talent from our experienced team – audio engineers, video editors, graphic designers and writers. Our account managers step in when there is question or concern. We will support you until your content is ready to meet your audience.

Safeguard Time

Barevalue empowers you to easily outsource key functions like podcast editing, video editing, graphic design, show notes and more with confidence on quality and timing.

Barevalue makes your process more time efficient. Skip hiring interviews or freelancer selection. Get started fast.

Frugal Flexibility

All our services are Pay-As-You-Go. No need for a subscription, contract or commitment. Pay only for what you use with complete transparency on cost.

You have flexible scale available. Whether you use Barevalue sparsely or heavily and our full-time team will fulfil your workflow needs.


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