You have Inspired Live 🧑‍🎤. Turn your Facebook Live Audio into Professional Podcast Content 🎙️.

Deliver Facebook Live audio that is edited for your Podcast audience and format with our high-end editing services. Turn your Facebook Live listeners into Podcast subscribers that will consume your content in the future.

Barevalue Facebook Live Benefits

With our unique pay-as-you-go pricing and a team that understands the Facebook Live audio, the burden of editing and show notes writing as you know it won’t exist. We have transformed thousands of Facebook Live sessions into Podcast episodes.

Three Reasons to use Facebook Live audio editing services:

1. Clean up your audio to improve listener experience.
2. Save your non-FB Live listeners from unpleasant audio artifacts of your Live session.
3. Remove "crutch words" from conversations to increase the professionalism of the recording.

Barevalue offers Facebook Live audio editing and show notes writing services entirely online, done by a highly qualified team and charged on a pay-as-you-go basis. Our website allows you to upload your raw Facebook Live audio, including multiple tracks and add instructions on order and preferences for editing. Our team of professional audio engineers and show notes writers work on your episodes and complete work within four business days – or faster if you choose. Our account managers will answer any questions you have along the way. Everything is billed per episode. No subscriptions are needed.

Team of Experts

Our team of audio engineers has been editing and producing podcasts for years. We now bring that expertise turn your Facebook Live audio into a Podcast ready format.

Flexible Pricing

No need for a subscription. Use Barevalue Facebook Live editing or show notes with per minute pricing when you need it. No need to pay an audio editing subscriptions when you are not producing.

Easy, Online Process

Working with us is extremely easy. Sign up, upload files, add instructions, and within 4 business days, receive quality CH audio repackaged for podcasting to upload on your channel. All work occurs in our portal designed for audio editing.

Join the Barevalue Family

Barevalue produces thousands of podcasts for hundreds of brands and organizations including Salesforce, Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania. After your first order with Barevalue, we send your submissions to same editors and writers to maintain consistency. A result is that our clients stay with us for years, growing their Facebook and podcast audience as we support their audio editing and show notes writing outsourcing needs.

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Facebook Live Audio Editing and Show Notes Writing Managed

Focus on the important aspects of planning great content. Leave the technical and procedural work to Barevalue. You develop awesome content for your followers. By delegating the audio editing and show notes writing of your productions to a solid partner you free your time and focus to think about your content and growing your audience.

Working with a partner who can take responsibility for key elements of converting your Facebook Live recordings to podcast format invariably results in questions and feedback. That is why we have dedicated account managers to respond to your podcasting queries and follow up on any additional podcast changes you may request.