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Complement your podcast with the perfect audience engaging show notes. Leave out the stress of writing keyword rich and SEO centric show notes with Barevalue. Convert search traffic into listeners with the impelling Show Notes written by expert writers at Barevalue. Convert your new target audience that the audio version is worth investing their time.


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We assign your episodes to same writer on our show notes writing team to maintain consistency and professionalism. Don’t miss out on the chance to become part of a family that lifts you amidst your fellow podcasters. Audience-centric engaging show notes are no accident - To maintain consistency and professionalism, we assign your episodes to the same writer to write best-in-class show notes.

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global brands, including Salesforce, Harvard University, Lehigh University, and many others.

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We write quality show notes for your podcast on a pay-as-you-go basis. Our writing team listens to your podcast and then compose show notes with resource links and other useful information for your audience. No automation. No AI. Quality Podcast Show Notes.

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We know your time is important. Save time writing podcast show notes. Outsource your podcast show notes to barevalue. We'll listen to your podcast, write quality show notes and deliver them on a timely basis every episode. We do all the heavy-lifting, making your entire podcasting process more efficient.

Create Better Content

Create better podcast show notes. Our writers work to include, reference and link to the critical elements of each podcast episode in the show notes. Specificity and attention to detail create happy podcast listeners, a more dedicated audience and more traffic for the guests and products highlighted on your podcast.

Be Supported

We are a better podcast resource than freelancer. We are team that can ensure that your podcast show notes are done on time and in format. Whenever possible we keep the same writer assign your work and keep close watch your podcast show notes formatting to maintain consistency and professionalism.


What Podcasters are Saying About Us

Barevalue has made publishing our podcasts a breeze. We've found them to be fast, affordable, and professional. On more than one occasion when I sent them the wrong file, they caught my mistake and helped fix it! I'd strongly recommend them if you're bogged down in your own podcast production. I can't imagine running The Agents of Change podcast without them!

Rich Brooks
The Agents of Change

I have used Barevalue since I started my 4:13 podcast and am absolutely pleased with their excellent service. They communicate clearly, they're super responsive when we need something done or redone and their editing is excellent. They've even gone the extra mile and helped me trouble shoot audio issues. I think they're a great team and offer a great service at a great value. I've never used another editing service because why bother? Barevalue is top notch. Highly recommend.

Jennifer Rothschild
Host of 4:13 Podcast

...what a great job you did. I already listened to it and uploaded it to my host to schedule release... You are awesome and I've been telling as many people as possible.

Brad Shreve
Queer Writers of Crime


Podcast Editing and Show Notes Writing Managed


Podcast show notes are not meant just for “SHOW” purposes; they have the power to lift your content in Google and other Search Engines. “To Err…is Human”- This does not apply to the writers at Barevalue. In order to submit an error-free draft, it is a standard practice that they will listen to the edited version of your episode’s multiple times. This practice helps to ensure that the final content will be accurate, impactful, engaging, and unique.


Show notes writers at Barevalue aim to capture attention and pique any new or old podcast explorer’s interest. Our show notes writers understand that the journey from one podcast to another is just a click away, so they pay extreme attention to writing quality content to provide value to listeners.


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