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What We Do

We write quality show notes for your podcast on a pay-as-you-go basis. Our writing team listens to your podcast and then compose show notes with resource links and other useful information for your audience. No automation. No AI. Quality Podcast Show Notes.

We help you get more downloads of your podcast episodes by creating show notes with resource links and other useful information for your audience. Our team listens to your podcast and then composes show notes with useful info in an appealing format. We don't use automation or AI, we are human beings.

Barevalue is a podcast show-note-writing service that uses human editors for quality show notes, each and every time. Our team of professionals create show notes on demand to meet your specifications, whether you want them plain or formatted with bold text or heading lines. And it doesn't matter if your episodes are 5 minutes long or 5 hours long; pay only for what you use per the duration of your podcast so you don't have to pay for more than you need.

Save Time

We know your time is important. Save time writing podcast show notes. Outsource your podcast show notes to barevalue. We'll listen to your podcast, write quality show notes and deliver them on a timely basis every episode. We do all the heavy-lifting, making your entire podcasting process more efficient.

Create Better Content

Create better podcast show notes. Our writers work to include, reference and link to the critical elements of each podcast episode in the show notes. Specificity and attention to detail create happy podcast listeners, a more dedicated audience and more traffic for the guests and products highlighted on your podcast.

Be Supported

We are a better podcast resource than freelancer. We are team that can ensure that your podcast show notes are done on time and in format. Whenever possible we keep the same writer assign your work and keep close watch your podcast show notes formatting to maintain consistency and professionalism.

Join the Barevalue Family

Our podcast network, Barevalue, is the gold standard in podcasting show notes writing. We assign your episodes to same writer on our show notes writing team to maintain consistency and professionalism. We produce more than 20,000 podcast episodes each year for over 300 global brands, including Salesforce, Harvard University, Lehigh University, and many others. Join our family today!

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The Most Important Thing to know Before Starting a Podcast

Before starting your podcast, know the reason why you are creating it. When you know your why, it is easier to share that message and curate episodes and guests accordingly.

Happy Podcasting!