How to Record in Adobe Audition?

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How to use Adobe Audition?

Have a seasoned team of professional audio enginners at your beck and call. We edit thousands of podcasts, audiobooks and audio segments each month. We will be thrilled to listen to your content and get it sounding great.


What is Adobe Audition?

Adobe Audition is a digital audio workstation. Barevalue can take care of this workflow for you swiftly so that you can focus on creating great audio, podcasts or music. Our audio enginners have years of experiance and are available to you to edit your audio to your preferences and exceptional quality. Instead of learning how to record in Adobe Audition and spending your time with an audio editing software have Barevalue do the dirty work for you.

Gold standard in Adobe Audition audio editing


Audio segments we produce each year


global brands, including Salesforce, Harvard University, Microsoft, and many others.

Barevalue Adobe Audition Audio Editing Benefits

With our unique pay-as-you-go pricing and a team that understands Adobe Audition's abilities, the burden of audio editing is lifted. You are freed from learning how to use Adobe Audition or how to record with Adobe Audition.

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Team of Experts

Our team of audio engineers has been editing and producing audio for years. We now bring that expertise with adobe audition to your audio.

Flexible Pricing

No need for a subscription. Use Barevalue Adobe Audition audio editing or show notes pay-as-you-go when you need it. No need to pay an audio editing subscriptions when you are not producing.

Easy, Online Process

Working with us is extremely easy. Sign up, upload files, add instructions, and within 4 business days, receive quality audio repackaged and ready to go. All work occurs in our portal designed for audio editing.


What Podcasters are Saying About Us

Barevalue has made publishing our podcasts a breeze. We've found them to be fast, affordable, and professional. On more than one occasion when I sent them the wrong file, they caught my mistake and helped fix it! I'd strongly recommend them if you're bogged down in your own podcast production. I can't imagine running The Agents of Change podcast without them!

Rich Brooks
The Agents of Change

I have used Barevalue since I started my 4:13 podcast and am absolutely pleased with their excellent service. They communicate clearly, they're super responsive when we need something done or redone and their editing is excellent. They've even gone the extra mile and helped me trouble shoot audio issues. I think they're a great team and offer a great service at a great value. I've never used another editing service because why bother? Barevalue is top notch. Highly recommend.

Jennifer Rothschild
Host of 4:13 Podcast

...what a great job you did. I already listened to it and uploaded it to my host to schedule release... You are awesome and I've been telling as many people as possible.

Brad Shreve
Queer Writers of Crime

Very useful tips

Adobe Audition Audio Editing and Show Notes Writing Managed


Focus on the important aspects of planning great content. Leave the technical and procedural work to Barevalue. You develop awesome content for your followers. By delegating the audio editing and show notes writing of your productions to a solid partner you free your time and focus to think about your content and growing your audience.


Working with a partner who can take responsibility for key elements of editing your recordings invariably results in questions and feedback. That is why we have dedicated account managers to respond to your queries and follow up on any additional podcast changes you may request.


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