We reliably deliver professional podcast editing and show notes.

You focus on managing and growing the podcast network.

A plyable outsourced audio editing solution. Consistently meet deadlines. Experience headache-free quality and free revisions. Save money. A podcast editing team you can depend on and a flexible resource that will match your needs.

What you get with Barevalue outsourced audio editing:

The comprehensive podcast audio editing services you need for consistent, polished, high quality sound. Swift and reliable turnaround times. The audio enginnering muscle to take on the time-consuming process of editing many simultenous episodes and maximizing sound quality. Pay-as-you-go billing. Provide your network members with topshelf professional services -- we’ll do the rest.

Create More

Since we’ll be taking care of all the audio editing and/or show notes writing you will have time to strategize, recruit, and work with more podcasts to grow the network.

Deliver Consistently

Help your podcasts pump out great content. Wouldn’t it be nice to publish your episodes on time and press forward? As much as the recording is fun, editing can be frustrating and time-consuming. With our large team of audio editors at your disposal, you get reliable turnaround times. A consistent outsourced audio editing partner.

Cut Costs & Stay Organized

Be free of audio enginner salaries. Cancel audio editing subscriptions. Skip the time-consuming process of hunting down freelancers. Instead outsource your audio editing on a pay-as-you-go solution. Our billing is per audio minute and carefully includes podcast name, episode name and episode number to help you attribute your costs by member podcast.

Ready for less stress? No Subscriptions. No Commitments.

Most podcast editing outsourcing services require extensive commitments or monthly subscriptions. These result in charging for services you don’t need when your podcasting schedule is light and not providing enough services when your production schedule expands.

Barevalue provides a podcast editing outsourced solution with no subscription or commitment. You can produce one podcast this month and ten episodes the following month. We will be here to scale with you and bill you only for what you submit. Barevalue operates solely on a pay-as-you-go basis.

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We have answers to your audio editing outsourcing questions:

What services are included in your podcast editing?

From stitching, mixing, mastering to light content editing, our product editing services include everything that will make your podcast a stand out experience for your listener. We remove all the extras and unwanted sounds to help you deliver the best quality podcast.

What’s the turn around time for an average length podcast episode?

Usually, our team takes up to 4 business days to fully edit an average length podcast episode as we focus on delivering the best quality editing services. But we also understand the importance of the publishing calendar, so we ask our podcasters to give us recording accordingly.

Will I be required to give directions for edition?

Our team is very well trained to edit podcasts of various kinds of categories so you won’t have to give any basic directions or guidance. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t take any editing suggestions for you at all. You are free to write in any special requests for editing. Our editors appreciate your input on the order of files. They also will follow your standards consistently after the first episode.

We provide your podcasters with outstanding customer support to free yourself of the low level back and forth inhereant in the editing and post-production process.

How do you accept payments?

You can complete the purchase of our services by paying via credit card on a pay-as-you-go basis. No subscription is required. Use Barevale podcast editing as little or as much as you need.

How do I submit my recordings for editing?

Upload your files in your account on our website. It is free to create your account. You can upload multi-track audio, intros, outros, or other files that you want to add to your episodes. Additionally, you can include instructions for our team on your preferences or file order.

What formats of file do you accept?

You can upload audio files in your choice of audio file format. You can even include video files and we'll take the audio for you.

Just starting your podcast? Here’s what you need to know!

Check the intent before you commit full-time to your podcast. Having the right intent makes the creation process smoother and more rewarding. Apart from that, picking the right equipment for recording and using the right techniques while recording is equally important to get the desired results.

Barevalue Audio Editing Philosophy

We provide professional audio editing at an affordable price, with a guaranteed turn around. But we don't stop there; checking and revising our work is something we take great care to do. We're passionate about audio quality and expert at what we do. Our team of audio engineers will make your recordings sound crisp, clear, and professional. By outsourcing audio and podcasting editing you free your time to focus instead on creating great content.

In an ideal world, professional podcasting sound quality wouldn't depend on your available free time. In the real world, with Barevalue Audio you can hire a team of audio engineers to do the work for you, so you can focus on creating great content instead of struggling with production quality.

Barevalue offers a number of audio editing services with industry standard delivery times and fixed pricing. Whether you need to take your podcast to the next level, improve quality for a video, or simply want to create better Audible audiobooks, we offer low-cost audio editing solutions.

Barevalue.org seeks to provide you with a seamless and inexpensive way to create your audio productions. By outsourcing the editing of your audio projects, you will now have more time to focus on creating great content, at an affordable price. We provide guaranteed delivery times for your projects, by allowing you to pay only for the time provided. Our Web-based ordering system provides you access to an outstanding team of audio engineers possessing the highest industry skills and abilities. With Barevalue, it's no longer necessary for you to have the enormous expense of purchasing audio editing software, or employing an in-house engineer.

Barevalue provides outsourced audio editing services to audiobooks, podcasts, voice over projects, commercials and more. By removing the hassle of managing audio editing yourself you can use your time on other activities that are in higher demand and bring in more revenue. By outsourcing audio you free up time to focus on creating great content.

Let Barevalue take care of your audio editing. By outsourcing services such as audio processing and editing, you get more time to create great podcasts and other audio content for your business. You can rely on a dedicated team of professionals to ensure deadlines are always met.

Barevalue makes it easy and affordable to get expert audio editing services for your podcast without a monthly subscription service. Our team of outstanding audio engineers provide professional editing to improve sound quality, ontime at a reasonable cost.

Happy Podcasting!

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