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Writing a podcast script can be a daunting process for newbie podcasters. Podcasters continuously juggle with the thought of writing a podcast script that shows who they are as well as resonates with their audience. The best podcast script might sound casual, fun, and conversational, but what we overlook is the days and sometimes months of practice that goes into writing, rehearsing, and podcast editing

In this article, I have shared a few tips to write good podcast scripts 

1. Write conversationally

The key to keeping your audience hooked up to your podcast is to write conversationally, i.e., writing as you’re talking to your friend. For this, you can use a speech-to-text tool. It not only enables you to put your thoughts coherently but also helps you write in the flow. Just ensure to remove all the unnecessary information and correct spelling mistakes after you use the tool.

2. Take care of the delivery notes 

When writing a podcast script, keep in mind the delivery notes. These notes indicate when you need to pause, sigh, laugh, and emote other expressions. These elements decide whether your podcast will sound appealing or monotonous to your audience. Having said that, you can add various expressions in your script while editing the podcast to make it sound seamless. Also, read the script aloud to gauge how your podcast is sounding. 

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3. Experiment 

In order to become a great podcaster, you must possess the knack to experiment. If you feel that using certain stories, news pieces, or topics will enhance your script, include them. Similarly, if certain works make your script more cherishable, use them. 

However, always keep an open mind to try alternative things as well. Take opinions from your peers and explore other stories, news articles, and topics. This will make your podcast more fun and interesting for you and your audience.  

4. Edit with precision 

You’re done with writing, podcast editing, and re-editing your script. You’re recording, but you feel something is missing. So, now, you’re back to square one and doing the process all over again. But this shouldn’t discourage you.  Often, one feels that they have added fluff, or the content is not up to the mark. In such cases, have an open mind to edit and rewrite. After all, if you present any fluff content, it’ll not go down well with your listeners, and they may not come back to listen to your content. 

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5. Master descriptive skills 

A podcast is audio content, which means your audience doesn’t have any visuals the same. So, if you’re mentioning a scenario or personality, make sure to describe it well so that your audience can visualize it in their mind. Your descriptions should be detailed and exciting.

That said, try recording your podcast when you talk to someone on the phone. Rehearse it multiple times, find potential gaps, and work on the same to attain perfection. Descriptive skills are hard to master, but once you do, you’ll become a successful podcaster. 

6. Maintain a reasonable pace

If you’ve listened to popular podcasts, you might have found one thing in common — they maintain a consistent pace that is neither too fast nor too slow. The beauty of a good podcast script lies in creating a bond with the audience with no unnecessary breaks or unexplained pauses. 

Along with that, use segments and transitions to organize your script and enhance your listener’s experience. For example, you may divide your episode into different chapters. Hence, adding transitions will help your audience understand where they’re in the episode. 

Use segments and transitions to keep your podcast script organized and help listeners. 

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7. Add your personal touch 

Podcasting is all about sharing knowledge and adding value to your audience’s life. If you want to write a successful podcast script, make it your own. Depending on your comfort zone, you may read out the script or make mental notes. You may have all the details of the subject or keep it simple. Whatever you decide, ensure that you don’t sound dull. 

Besides, always prepare an outline before you write and edit your script. The outline can have repetitive information like an introduction, guest speakers (if any), sponsors, a call to action, etc. If you have a co-host or guest, you need to give them a set of questions and answers to prepare to avoid any last-minute contingencies. 

Regardless of how you do it, always keep in mind that your audience will love you for your originality. You’re unique, and so should be your podcast. Always learn from the pros, but never mimic them. Write a podcast script that shows your skills and individuality. 

Summing Up 

Having a killer podcast script is the backbone of an effective podcast. A podcast script ensures your audio has the right information, delivery, and transition. Besides, preparation is the key to recording a successful podcast. Rehearse until you attain perfection, especially when you’re new.  

Which points are you taking care of while writing a podcast script? Let us know in the comment section.

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