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Podcasting is different from other mediums because the way of conveying information is different. Listeners rate the podcast based on the quality of sound, speed, attention to detail, emotional vibe, and more. For a podcaster host, improving the ability to deliver the right information through a podcast is vital.

Making it more engaging and keeping the listeners with you throughout your podcast journey is necessary.

Here are simple but effective ways that you can follow to become a better podcast host:

Choose the Right Audience for Your Podcast Show

Start by asking 2 questions:

  • Planning to bring guests on every show or for a few episodes?
  • Is your show dedicated to a specific profession or business?

The answers to these two questions help you a lot to select a professional guest for your show.

Be picky because your guest is the key element of your podcast and based on the performance, your business podcast value is determined. Your commitment to your loyal audience to invite the most relevant and engaging guests to the podcast matters the most. Follow your audience, and make your business agenda according to it.

Once you understand this, you will not disappoint your audience and they will not disappoint you as well.

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Express Your Emotion and Show Appreciation

Never forget to share your company’s emotions with the audience. They love to get attached emotionally better than professionally, scientifically proved. Always appreciate your audience by saying thanks at the end of each episode of a podcast, this makes the audience faithful towards your brand.

As a brand, you should also give shout outs to the engaging audience and recall the interaction as well. Your audience is your valued property, take some time to show appreciation for listening to throughout the podcast. Your little appreciation will help all the time to go along with your audience in a long way.

For businesses, social media is a quite recommended medium to show appreciation.

Stories Always Work

Convey your message through a story rather than plain information on a podcast episode topic.

From 3 years old kid to 90 years old grandpa, all loves to listen to the story. Convert your product or service topic into a story or relate it to a famous story that everyone knows. This trick will never go out of style. So, your message will be delivered with ease to your lovely audience without extreme effort.

If you have invited a guest to discuss your business idea, request him/her to share an engaging story about the topic they wish to discuss in a podcast. It can be a personal experience, colleague story, or any story he has heard but it must be relevant to the topic. People love to remember stories better than any other information.

Step up and add a story in your business podcast, you will surely see the difference in audience count and engagement.

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Engagement- The Key Element

No matter what kind of podcast episode you want to telecast to promote products or share valued information, you should make it engaging otherwise all your effort and time used in creating will be in vain.

Along with this, you should engage with them through different platforms like social media, personal podcast blog by replying to their answers to a podcast related questions.

Solve the issues of your listeners, they will come back to you in your next episode.


Because you show respect for the ones who have taken time from their busy schedule to comment on your work. The message “you take care of your audience” will pass to them.

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Care for the Consistency

As they say, consistency is the key to get success in any field especially in the business sector. If people can’t trust that you deliver what you promised, then forget their support either.

Many have experienced the same several times when the podcast host lacks the consistency to deliver the podcast as promised. Well, it’s fine, if you postpone the podcast date due to some unwanted emergency in your life. It will not affect your reputation but please do not make it a habit.

How to tackle it?

For that, you always strive to get ready a couple of episodes in advance. If it’s not possible, you can simply repurpose the old episode so that your trustworthy listeners can check it easily in case they missed that episode.

Wonder why the count of download and subscribers do not go up? The answer is consistency and it says you can count on me, I’m always there to increase the count.

In-Depth Research and Planned Preparation

This is crucial for a podcast host whether you go for a rant or deliver some meaningful information on a particular topic. You should be ready for the arguments back to you. In-depth research is vital to speak on a topic, without proper research, you can’t even speak on it then how can you convey your information to others. It becomes necessary to make the discussion engaging as you know the person you are talking with.

Proper preparation of your podcast topic provides you the confidence to speak and credibility to deliver the information. Prepare a list of questions for the guest you invite and make sure that the questions should be the same as he/she has answered in the previous podcast. It will not make your podcast stand out. It’s okay if you have got time to prepare the script but at least make some notes that can be your guide for a structured podcast episode.


Hosting a podcast isn’t a piece of cake like inviting a guest, asking them some questions, and publish on the channel and getting your products/services promoted to a niche audience. No, it doesn’t go that way. It is a lengthy process and takes a lot of your time and effort to prepare a single episode.

It requires time to edit the podcast as well. But don’t worry, give a try to BareValue podcast editing experts and get your podcast with quality sound.

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