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Updated: February 21, 2022

You may now order podcast show notes with or without audio editing. Barevalue has always provided for podcast show notes when ordering audio editing. Now you may order show notes from our great writing team without audio editing.

As with all of Barevalue’s services, podcast show notes are available pay-as-you-go (PAYG). No contracts. No subscriptions. No commitments.

Our show notes are written by professional writers who listen to your edited podcast or audio and compose the show notes. No transcriptions or AI are involved.

Our show notes are written for two audiences – i) potential listeners and subscribers and ii) search engines so that your great audio can be indexed in textual search results.

Barevalue show notes are comprised of:

  1. A bullet-point summary of the podcast
  2. Tweetable quotations for use in social media
  3. A resource list of links to guest’s websites, items mentioned in the podcast and other relevant, external resources.


barevalue show notes orders

barevalue show notes only orders


You can place your show notes order in your Barevalue account. If you have not tried us yet, you can create an account for free with a $40 credit towards your first order. Select show-notes-only when submitting your order and our writing team will get strait to work on your show notes.

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