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We like getting things right the first time. However, with Free Audio Editing sometimes you need a small change made to complete work. Maybe you have a new sponsor to be included in your podcast or you spotted a moment in your recording that you wish was not included that requires audio editing.

No problem. Barevalue free audio editing has revisions.

Revisions can be submitted to your account and you will receive an email notification once a new version of the audio is ready for you to download. We recognize that revisions are often a time-sensitive manner since they are changes to completed work. Barevalue audio engineers work on revisions at the first opportunity so that they are returned to you as swiftly as we can within business days.

Revisions can include removing or adding back moments. Adding missing elements such as intro, outro, ads, or sponsor spots. They can include other minor changes to the media. Revision requests can be submitted for any completed work. Barevalue orders that are in progress may not have free audio editing revisions submitted until they are completed.

Want to see where in your account you can request a revision? See the quick video below:

To submit a revision request, please visit your order history and select the completed order. Then click submit a revision request.

About Barevalue:

Barevalue provides high-quality, pay-as-you-go business services including audio editing, podcast editing, video editing, show notes writing, and other services. Our outstanding team of audio engineers, video editors, and writers work to provide consistently high-quality work that your business can rely on.

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