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When you are investing your valuable time and resources in your podcast, you deserve to know how to start a podcast and make money from it. Podcasts are growing drastically in terms of popularity.

Many people are getting indulged in making new shows, giving the effort to leverage themselves as industry professionals, establishing an audience, getting connected with more influencers, establishing personal brands, and boosting exposure for their purpose.

This article is going to cover everything associated with how to start a podcast and make money from it.

What Do You Need to Have Beforehand for Starting a Podcast?

There are three major factors that you must have to determine whether you are going to make money from your podcast. They are as follows.

  • Content

First of all, follow your passion. Make something that you like, and choose a topic that resonates with you. By creating something out of your passion, you will be able to make financial profits.

Furthermore, if your content can form relationships, it will also create certain differences in people’s lives.

  • Presentation, Delivery, and Performance

Just be yourself, and be aware that your audio and body language will influence your vocal inflections.

Audiences love enthusiasm and passion, so try to improve your performance across your presentation. Having the best topic and message may not be enough, and you need to take care that your listeners are not bored.

  • Building Relationships and Community

Podcast hosts matter, but not more than interactions and conversations. Do not talk to your audience; instead, you need to talk with them. Without a community and interactions, you cannot make a successful conversation.

Make sure that your people feel involved with your podcast. Proper involvement of your audience with you will make them like and trust you more, and they will support you wholeheartedly.

When to Think About Monetizing Your Podcast?

When a podcaster has a captive audience, he or she can monetize the podcast to a certain level. There is no restriction on the number of listeners. But because of the presence of too many variables, it becomes difficult.

So, the best for you is to focus on audience engagement. If you have more than 10-12 listeners per week who tell you how much they are influenced by your show, it means that you have undoubtedly built a captive audience.

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Choose a Method to Opt for Podcast Monetization

First of all, look at your strengths, what type of podcasts you are doing, their topic, and who your audiences are. If you get to know about the particular area where you excel, you will get to know which monetization method suits you the most.

Once you get to know your strengths, you will get to know how to create something great for your podcast. There are several options available for you. You can try as many of them as you like.

However, it is always better to focus on a few methods and make yourself better in those fields particularly. Some of them are given below:


You can get in touch with any popular video calling platform and teach people to live. It is way easier to start like this other than to create a full course. All you need to do is schedule a time and booking form for being capable of taking payments.

The target is to convert your listeners into subscribers, and for that, you may also give them a 30-minute session of free coaching or invite people to sign it.

Podcast Sponsorships

In case you want a sponsor for your podcast shows, you need to consider someone suitable enough for your niche and your audience as well. To approach them, you may tell your real-life stories associated with the engagement you have on your podcasts.

You may start by approaching smaller or local companies and have a conversation on how they will be benefitted by supporting your podcast.

Selling of Your Services and Products

Take a glance at the services and products that your business is already selling. If your product is relevant to the listeners of your show, it is time for you to leverage your podcast strategically to boost your sales.

You can also offer exclusive discounts to your audience, and it can potentially increase your sales.

Books and Audiobooks

Being a podcaster, you give away your high-value content for free that you have created by investing several hours. The audience just tunes in to get your valuable advice and applies it in their business. So, this is where you need to implement the concept of repurposed content in your podcast. It is indeed a robust content-marketing practice.

Podcasters are well-known for crafting their art, and that is why they become better storytellers. Thus, being a podcaster, you can also give your recording skills a new shape and convert them into an audiobook. And, as you already have the content, you can opt for recording easily.

Affiliate Marketing

If you are hosting more of a technical show, you need to consider affiliate marketing to generate a good income from your podcast.

It is more likely that your content will always remain evergreen. It means that your earlier podcasts are relevant currently and will continue to be relevant for some upcoming months or even years. It further indicates that the more your show grows, the more income you will generate.


Through a crowdfunding platform, you can ask for pledges from your audience for your show regularly. The pledges are the small amount of money your audience is providing you with.

It is mostly suitable for content creators and hobbyist podcasts. You can also go a little further and create incentives or rewards to influence your listeners to support you.


Podcast revenue is currently rising. So, podcasting can act as a great method to earn money. And you can apply any of these mentioned tactics to increase your revenue. However, as a true podcaster, the main factor on which you should focus is on making loyal audiences.

But if your only purpose is to earn money, it is more likely that your podcast will lack passion and enthusiasm. Just keep in mind that if you want to start your podcast, you will have to share your uniqueness and voice with the world.

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