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In podcasting, it requires growth in both quantity and quality. The success of the show highly depends on the listener base. Thus, the greater the podcast listener base, the more successful the show is. However, immediate success is difficult, and you need to do some groundwork. If you are going to take on podcasting in 2021 or trying to increase your listeners, here are some of the pro-tips that you can follow to increase podcast listeners.

Give an Impressive Title

The very first thing that the search engines and people notice is the title of the podcast. Apart from choosing the right topic for the podcast, make the title as catchy as you can. The title must reflect the description and must contain the correct keywords to rank better in the search. After you are done with the research of your audience’s interest, you need to help them find your podcast more easily.

Focus on a single keyword in the title, keep it short, look at your competitors, and see what type of keywords they are using. Most importantly, notice which keyword is bringing which type of traffic, and make the changes accordingly.

Maximize SEO

It is necessary to make your show findable on the crowded internet to increase the podcast listeners base. For this, you need to try some SEO tips. Not only adding keywords in the title is enough, but you also need to add the right keywords in the content and description as well.

When a podcast is featured on Google’s first page, it is likely to attract more listeners than the podcasts on other pages. The optimization should be done for both Google searches and each podcast directory’s search engine. It means adding different keywords for different episodes is also necessary.

Choose a Good Host

For the correct publishing tools, delivery, and media hosting, every podcast out there deserves a good podcasting host. When you grow as a producer, it is they who have got your back. With the podcast’s growth, the host must have the ability to offer a reliable and speedy network.

It must have sufficient bandwidth and ample storage space to handle the podcast as it continues to grow. Adequate bandwidth is necessary if one of your episodes go viral. Or else, the download will get paused in the tracks, and you might lose listeners.

Interact With People Online

It is nearly impossible to do everything all alone to become a successful podcaster. So, the community platforms present online can be used to build a network, interact, and discuss. You can interact with the potential existing and new listeners.

Just follow the guidelines of the group and avoid spamming the group. Try to build a real connection, as there exists an immense number of people who are seeking your knowledge. It is one of the most organic and genuine ways to expand your show.

Make Use of Social Media

A podcaster knows that producing and publishing podcasts require time and commitment. The best part is that most of your podcast listeners and subscribers are active on social media. Just posting or tweeting about the latest episodes may not be enough.

Record a crucial part of the episode and share it with your guest on Facebook live, or you can put a section of the episode on YouTube. Putting your episodes’ sneak-peeks on different platforms will attract new listeners and convince them to try out new things.

Get a Blog or Email List

It is often best to expand your podcast by leveraging the existing audience. A blog or email list is one of the best weapons to attract more listeners because you can let your regular readers know about your podcast. But for that, firstly, you need to let them know about your email list.

Doing this will make your listeners feel connected to you personally. It means they will try to know more about you through emails. An email subscription option thus expands your site. In this way, you can turn your listeners into readers and vice versa.

Improve Listener Interaction

To make your audience feel like they know you as a friend, podcasting is perfect for encouraging engagement in them. Start by asking questions on several social media platforms, and invest some time in answering those questions. Or you can also create a Q&A section for them.

It not only strengthens your bond but also helps you understand the desires, needs, and expectations of your audience from your podcast. It is a way in which you can identify your loopholes and make corrections accordingly. You can arrange for a Facebook community for your podcast where your audience can discuss the episodes deeply.

Host Contests and Giveaways

Hold giveaways or contests where your audience can win a prize just by leaving a review for your podcast online. You can tag your friends on a social media post or offer your listeners entries in your show in exchange for sharing your podcast.

Promote the posts where you are holding giveaways. One or two Facebook campaigns will not do the job. You need to have fun with the contests and keep your audiences engaged and excited to create an adrenaline buzz around the show.


Increasing podcast listeners is not an overnight process. It requires lots of patience. And the importance of editing cannot be ignored while podcasting.

Thus, Barevalue comes up with excellent podcast editing services with their top-quality professionals. So, you can avail of their services at a reasonable price to increase podcast listeners and engage with them.

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