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A pearl of old business wisdom is to compensate for the natural enthusiasm that comes from your first small successes. Subscriptions Don’t rush to sign a lease for an office or other commitments that “look like” success. After all, actual success is keeping the cash in your bank account and out of the landlord’s.

Many new businesses fail and fail quickly. Tying down your new business – podcasting or other – with a recurring expense like an office lease can be the simple, fast cause of death yours may take.

That old wisdom remains valid. We live in a subscription-obsessed world. Everything is SaaS. You don’t need to pay a $29.99 / month subscription for a hammer and a nail when they are available for sale at the hardware store for $9.99. The monthly recurring expenses attached to nearly everything can be your downfall. Don’t pay for subscriptions – like podcast editing subscriptions – that have you paying for things you don’t need. That’s where pay-as-you-go (PAYG) for podcasting fits.

Stay free. Say no to subscriptions. F*ck subscriptions. Cancel subscriptions. Free yourself and keep your money in your bank account.

Barevalue provides pay-as-you-go podcast editing, pay-as-you-go video editing, show notes, and other media services.


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