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What is Clubhouse App

  • Clubhouse App is a social audio app where users can communicate in the audio chat room.
  • It allows users to participate in live conversations, with voice and listening capabilities. Users are provided with a list of virtual rooms to join.
  •  Each room has a small group of speakers talking about any topic you can think of. And the rest of the users are audience members who sit back and listen to the conversation.
  • The entire experience is audio-only. Users can switch between rooms whenever they want, request to speak in one of these rooms or, build their own room for others to join.
  • It is available for iOS and Android users.
  • It can accommodate groups of thousands of people.

Importance of Audio Quality

  • Listen to some of the most popular podcasts. What is the one thing they all have in common?
  • They all sound like they were well-recorded and have a consistent audio quality. The dialogue is clear and without distractions, sound effects are employed selectively, and music is used effectively when needed.
  • High-quality audio does not distract from the show’s content; rather, it welcomes you in, allowing you to listen, learn, or be entertained.

How to enhance the audio quality in ClubHouse App

  • Anyway, let’s assume you have landed into the Clubhouse app and are considering beginning your own discussions or wanting to participate in others with the finest audio quality possible.
  • Because if you listen to podcasts or watch videos, you already know that good audio is important to maintain a positive experience.
  • In the Clubhouse app, it’s important not to use the microphone or speakers placed into the terminal, when the audio is recorded through your phone. Because they will either take up a lot of ambient noise or the sound will be directly coupled end up annoying you or the other users.

How can you make the clubhouse app’s audio better? Well, it’s quite easy.

Here are a few suggestions for improving audio quality on a budget.

External headphones

  • When it comes to increasing the audio quality in the Clubhouse app, hands-free headphones are the most basic. And they are the cheapest ones.
  • Furthermore, it is very likely that you already own one. So plug them in and compare the quality of your audio to that of using the phone’s microphone and speaker directly.

USB microphones

  • USB microphones are also worth considering boosting the audio quality. It has a simple connection; all you need is a USB A to lightning or a USB C to a lightning adapter to use it.
  • There are other low-cost options that produce excellent outcomes.
  • Many USB microphones are inexpensive and even have a headphone output.
  • They are the classic solutions to improve the audio quality of any recording or broadcast you want to do. It does not pick up any background noise.

Kits rode vlogger

  • The rode vlogger kits are a highly attractive option for a video topic, but you can also make use of this option for the clubhouse app.
  • The one with the lightning connection, in particular, will allow you to boost the audio capture and as a result, it monitors the sound captured and reproduced.
  • When you place the phone on a tripod, it is as if you are always carrying around a little studio. An interesting option for improving the quality of your broadcasts or network participation.

Lavalier microphones

Lavalier microphones

  • If you are not into the idea of having microphones on your ears, you can explore the idea of lavalier microphones. You can buy an inexpensive lavalier microphone. You can connect directly to your phone.
  • In case you have an older generation iPhone it’s pretty easy to just plug it in using the headphone jack. In case you have a recent iPhone well there’s no way around the dongle live where you need a lightning adapter to a 3.5-millimeter  jack.

Video microphone

Video microphone

  • It’s super easy to hook them up to your Smartphone. In some specific video mic, you would need an adapter which is adapting the 3.5-millimeter check for smartphones.
  • If you are on a newer generation iPhone well dongle live it is.
  • Once your video mic is hooked up to your Smartphone it’s pretty simple to use.
  • In case you want to be creative you can also use a video-mic to create a hands-free clubhouse app setup.

Podcasting mics

Podcasting mics

  • In case you really want to crush your clubhouse app audio game you can just use your podcasting setup. Use your podcasting mics you all bought two years ago because podcasting was a thing.
  • In order to be able to use your podcasting setup given it’s not a USB mic.
  • We need to overcome one big challenge and this is using an xlr input on your iPhone or smartphone. xlr is a kind of connector.

There are three feasible ways to do this:

1. The first is you simply get yourself an xlr to 3.5-millimeter check adapter.

2. The second option is two use the rode ixlr adapter which is an adapter purposely built for the iPhone to be able to accept xlr inputs.

  • The nice thing about this adapter is it allows you to dial in volume when all those fun things are on the device itself without having to use the software on the smartphone.

3. In case you heavily invested in your podcasting setup chances are that you already own an audio interface to which the microphone is connected to which can be used to send off the audio via a 3.5-millimeter check. Once you did that it’s just a matter of having the right adapter for your smartphones.

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