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We are living in a modern era, where technology is updating with the blink of an eye. This is also applicable for podcasts. The Clubhouse is the latest audio-chat-based social networking application, where you can record your audios and get them professionally edited for creating podcasts. Although it is currently available for iPhone, and Android users do not have access to it.

In this app, you can jump into different rooms that cover the topic of your interest. You can also set up your room and start a conversation or record your audio. So, if you want to record audios in the Clubhouse, follow this article.

What is Clubhouse?

The Clubhouse is a chatting application currently running on beta-version and is available only for iOS users. But not everyone can create an account and join Clubhouse. You could open an account here only if you got invited by any of your friends or relatives. But if you don’t have an invitation, you can get the app downloaded on your phone and enroll your name on the wait-list. However, this process is not a guaranteed one.

Next, the platform allows hosts and individuals who already have an account on Clubhouse to join conversations. You can form a room or join an already available one. The topics of discussion vary from room to room. Interesting niches like entrepreneurship, health, books, finance, and marketing, are covered by many rooms out there.

However, there are no pictures, videos, and seldom any texts exchanged in the chat room. Everything revolves around only audio.

It lets you enjoy real-time conversations, but if you leave the group, you will not be able to play it back again. Clubhouse audio chat rooms are mostly hosted by experts, celebrities, ventures, journalists, and other influential personalities.

Clubhouse, although plans to further expand and eventually take place in the top social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook.

How does it work?

Clubhouse creates a place for people where they can host, listen to, and may even join conversations within the community. After a user opens the app, he or she will be displayed with a list of rooms. It will show the details of who is present in each of the rooms. The users may join an existing chat room or create their own room and invite people to start a fresh conversation.

An audio chat room consists of speakers, listeners, and moderators. The moderators are the owner of a room and possess speaking privileges. However, speakers can tap on the “raise my hand” button for speaking.

The platform enables a user to create rooms based on their domain interests, and inclinations, where they will be able to participate in discussions. There exist listeners, speakers, and a moderator who makes sure that things proceed according to the guidelines.

People can see who is listening or speaking, chime among themselves, click into profile pages, follow one another, and can take part in discussions on topics of their interest. It can be a debate, comedy show, fireside chat, book club, and anything else.

So, you can effectively hold a chat and meet new people, have conversations with friends, listen to the steady stream of content, or plug into conversations with absolute strangers. You can also mute or unmute yourself while talking about social cues.

Now, as a podcaster, you can take full advantage of this platform in producing top-quality podcasts. All you need to do is form your own audio chat room, send invites to your guests, record your conversations, interviews, or audios in Clubhouse and later get the tracks edited from professional podcast editing service providers to generate excellent podcasts at ease.

How to record audios or conversations in Clubhouse?

The app makes the audio recording process unified and solid. But before commencing with the recording process, make sure that you have taken permission from the speaker because, without any authorization, it might be a violation of law in your area or location. If it is properly covered, you can actively work to carry forward with the recording process.

In the very first step of recording audio, you will need to add screen recording to the control center. For this, you will need to visit “settings,” then tap on “control center,” and then click on “screen recording to include controls.” Then, you will have to open the Clubhouse application and join the room. Then, slide down (or up for the devices with Touch ID) the notification panel to access the “Control center,” and you will need to tap on the “Screen Recording” button.

After you are finished with the audio recording process, you need to go to the “Photos” for exporting your file. But then you cannot publish the raw audio as a podcast. You need to get it properly edited to make it well presentable to your podcast audience.

If you do not want to record an external sound or your contribution, apart from recording audio in Clubhouse, do not forget to turn off the microphone.

To switch off the microphone, slide down (or up for the devices with Touch ID) to have access to the “Control center.” Then, the users will have to hold down the “Screen recording” button for about three seconds and toggle the microphone off.

How to perform editing of your Clubhouse audio records?

Now, performing edits in your recorded raw Clubhouse audio is not easy. You need to consider the background sound, how much sound you need to lay-off, and how much volume you will need in your final audio version. And doing all these things for a beginner podcaster will be indeed tough.

So, you would require professional assistance in it. You can avail the Clubhouse audio editing services of Barevalue as they are highly experienced in audio editing.

Guidelines and rules of using the website of Clubhouse:

If you want to opt for Clubhouse, you will need to follow some rules like; you need to be yourself, respectful towards others, inclusive, establish comprehensive understanding, and only foster genuine and meaningful connections.

The moderators in the group curate the group of speakers. Apart from that they manage conversations and takes care of the audience’s collaboration and experience.

A speaker shares the stage knows when to mute and unmute their microphones.  And free to leave the section anytime without being judged.

On the contrary, a listener cooperates with the moderator and speaker to make conversations more meaningful.

The users are recommended to use real names, must be 18+ years, must not discriminate, engage in virtual fall-outs, or promote harmful information. Also, the rule says that users must not use the service for any illegal activities.

Privacy of Clubhouse:

Indeed, Clubhouse can operate within audio chats. But, if it is about privacy, then you must know that Clubhouse records chat in real-time. Thus, if anyone reports abusive behavior in the room, the audio that has been recorded can be reviewed for actions.

Although recordings are encrypted, in such cases, they are retained and erased once the investigation ends.


The Clubhouse is the platform that not only helps you to participate in different sessions based on various topics but also gives you a scope to record conversations or audios in real-time. And thus, it helps podcasters in conducting interviews with their guests at ease and create good podcast episodes.

But before commencing with Clubhouse recording and editing those records, understand that if you are a newbie, it can be difficult to perform the task, so you should seek professional help.

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