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Zoom is a powerful and ubiquitous tool for communication. It has become the default for live video communication and that ease of use makes it attractive to use the platform as the go-to tool to interview people.

When recording audio in Zoom that may wish to edit and use later as part of a podcast or edit for youtube, consider that Zoom can be a perfectly good tool for recording interviews. Barevalue has many clients that use Zoom as their audio or video recording software successfully.

There are a few caveats:

  1. Ensure you and your guests are recording in quiet, low-echo environments.
  2. Use decent microphones.
  3. Set your audio settings in Zoom to save audio in multiple tracks. These separate audio files for each person on Zoom will allow Barevalue’s audio editors to do an outstanding job (we also don’t charge extra for multiple, simultaneous tracks!).


zoom recording separate tracks

How to record separate audio files for each participant in Zoom.

The simple things can be the most potent. If you (and your guests 😉) use Zoom well, then it can be a fine tool for recording podcasts and videos. No special software or additional costs are needed.

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