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Have you ever fallen in love with listening to a particular podcast and had the desire to start one of your own? Well, it’s time to make your desire come true with the Spreaker podcast. It is a single application where you can record, edit, distribute and monetize your podcast without any hassle.

Start your Podcast on Spreaker

It’s been more than 15 years since podcasts emerged. Podcasts play an important role in voicing out a lot of concepts, ideas, and stories that connect a larger public. Be it at work or while lazing around; podcasts have become our all-time companion.

Everyone, including you, has some valuable knowledge to share with the world and the best way to do it is through a podcast. So, if you feel that podcasting is hectic work to do, then know that being a podcaster is easier than you presume it to be.

What Podcast Concepts do you Need to Focus on?

The first step to starting a podcast is setting up a definite concept on which you will make your podcast.

The concept can be anything from you discussing your favorite TV shows or books to talking about academic topics. While choosing a concept, be sure to lean on the concept with which you have extensive knowledge and perception.

Determine the Listener Avatar of your Podcast

The audience you are focusing on to present your podcast is ‘podcast avatar.’ You need to understand the expectation of the listeners, and knowing your audience type will boost the rate of your podcast listeners.

For example, if you’re discussing a poem, you need to consider if your listener is looking for its summary or some deeper insights into its themes. This is to ensure that you deliver your ideas accordingly.

Select the Right Name and Topic

When you are choosing a name for your podcast, make sure that it showcases what you’re going to offer to the people. The name should be memorable, short, and should have a keyword to promote your concept.

While brainstorming for names, make sure that the name you come up with is not already taken by other podcasters. The topic of your podcast must give the listeners more insight into your concept and the title. Make it multidisciplinary but not too extensive or limited.

Determine the Category of your Podcast

By the time you have selected a topic, concept, and name for your podcast, you will have developed an idea of what category your podcast belongs to.

When you go through the categories and sub-categories, be clear about the genre and key motive under which you want to present your podcast to the audience. Make a note to keep in mind that only under the category that you choose will the listeners find your podcast across streaming platforms.

The Podcast Description is Crucial

With the right description, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) might help the listeners find your podcast if your podcast is related to the topic they’re searching for.

Your description should cover what you’re offering in your podcast clearly and concisely. The description should be to-the-point and should have the important keywords that listeners search for related to your podcast.

Importance of Intonation of your Voice

Each podcaster has a unique way of explaining the concept they are covering. The tone of your voice, while you’re presenting the concept, affects the listeners in a lot of ways.

The people focus not only on the content you’re offering but also on the effort and passion you show for the podcast.

Software and Equipment Needed for the Podcast

Software and Equipment

A podcaster can use the software and microphone available on the phone, or they can use some high-end equipment to make the podcast.

With the Spreaker, you can record and do podcast editing on your phone and PC itself. All that you will need are noise-canceling headphones, a mic, and a pop filter.

The Software

The application you can use is Spreaker. It can save the gradual progress of your episodes and also enables you to do live recordings of the episodes.

The application comes with suitable editing facilities and mic control. The audio can be edited, trimmed, cropped, uploaded, and distributed in the same software.

The Equipment

The equipment that you need to be a podcaster is a microphone, a pop filter, and noise-canceling headphones.

Before you start recording, make sure that there are specifications of plans regarding podcast editing, recording, and distribution. Otherwise, you will have a lot of work to do after the production of episodes.

The Final Step Before Uploading the Episode

The final thing to do before unveiling your podcast is to decide on the intro, outro, cover art, and trailers. All these are the final factors that would attract an audience to your podcast.

Intro, Outro, and Music

Presenting the content in the episodes can turn out to be vague if not accompanied by an intro and outro along with the music.

Your introduction must gain the interest of the listener so that they listen to the episodes completely. The outro need not be unique and persuasive, just like the intro. You can ask your listeners to comment, rate, and distribute the episode. Also, you can add some music that doesn’t need copyright.

Cover Design of your Podcast

podcast cover design

Like the description and topic, the cover design of your Spreaker podcast must showcase the key concept that you’ll be offering.

If you don’t have any ideas for your cover design, gain some perspectives from your favorite podcasters. The design must be visually unique with minimal inclusion of words. You can either design it yourself or seek the help of artists.

The Immersive Trailer

You should release the trailer before you release any of the episodes. It must be short and should contain a snippet of the important parts of the episode. It should invite the listeners to check out the episodes for more quality content.

The trailer will help your Spreaker podcast grow on some important broadcasting platforms and will help you by giving an insight into what you need to improve.

How to Share it in Spreaker?

The user interface is easy and hassle-free to navigate in Spreaker. If you want to do a live episode, then this application is the best, as you can share the live recording with other applications.

If you want to distribute it to other podcasting platforms, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the CMS of Spreaker and select your podcast.
  2. From the menu, choose the ‘distribution’ icon.
  3. Choose the forum where you want to distribute your Spreaker podcast and submit the request.


Podcasting has helped a lot of people connect to a wide network and gain knowledge. Though podcasting may seem a complicated process, with the right ideas, gear, and software, you can also become a professional podcaster.

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