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Podcasts are the modern way to address more audiences to share your creative ideas on any topic. If you opt for regular webinars, then the useful ones can be good enough to convert your webinar into a podcast to reach out to more people.

As the number of listeners of podcasts is rising, it is the best way to gain more audience. The repurposing of your webinar into podcasts is thus going to help you with more opportunities in the marketing technique.

If you are thinking of how you can convert your webinar into a podcast, then here are the steps that are going to be useful for you to follow.

Start with securing your guests

Guests are the most crucial part of your webinar and the podcast. It will help you create an engaging session that promotes content in a wide range.

So, here is how you can drive more guests to your podcast.

Build a provisional schedule:

Your guests may have a busy schedule for their engagement. Opt for a marketing calendar that is going to help you. Before engaging your users, get the dates aligned with your calendar.

1. Shortlist creation:

Shortlist your guests, along with the topics and dates you have collected. Gather names and emails and start reaching out to them for inviting as your listeners.

2. Opt for outreaching:

Reaching along with your webinar host will also help you with better opportunities to find out who is interested in your webinar and who is not.

3. Take their acceptance and collect their bio:

As you have got the acceptance from them, confirm the details, and offer the invites to accept via their LinkedIn accounts to save time.

Step-by-step guide on the conversion of your webinar into a podcast

As you are done with managing your gusts for your webinar program, you need to follow the below steps to make your webinar and turn it into a successful podcast.

Step 1: Set up the page for your webinar

As you have your date, topic, guest, and speaker, now put up for the webinar’s registration. The webinar registration page is going to help you with promotions.

Step 2: Opt for a test call

A test call is always great for your webinar program. Before opting for a webinar platform, ensure a test call to check if the audio quality is clear and working properly for the guests. You can also improve it during the test call. Take suggestions from your guest as well.

Step 3: Run your webinar and record it

As you are done with all your setup, run the webinar. You need to download the recording of your webinar. In the case of the presenter media or ON24 platform, you can make it ready for publishing as a podcast.

Step 4: Go for proper editing

As you are done with your webinar’s downloading, you need to make some edits to improve the sessions’ audio quality. For scrappy marketing, keep it minimum to diminish the turnaround time of your podcast. You can even avail yourself of the various podcast editing services to get assistance on your webinars’ professional edits and transform them into a proper structure of podcast.

Step 5: Add the introduction

As you are going to be on air with your podcast, you need to brand it with a piece of introductory music. It is going to add consistency to the sessions and allow your listeners to know when an episode is ending and the next one is starting.

Step 6: Make innovative podcast channels

To better promote your podcasts, you can put creative & innovative icons, headshots, and banners. It is going to help your listeners to know what your podcast is all about.

Step 7: Upload your podcast to the platform

As you are done with editing your podcast, pick any podcast platform, and post it there. A lot of podcast channels come with a high listener base. You can target such channels for uploading your podcasts and wait for some time to get approval from the channel.

Step 8: Transcribe your podcast in the form of a blog post

For a better reach of your works, opt for a transcribed version of your podcast in the form of a blog post. It is going to be much useful for those who prefer reading over listening. Also, it will instill some interest in your reader and might turn them into your listeners.

Step 9: Share your podcast along with your guests

Sharing the podcast with your guest is going to make them happy. It is one of the best ways to encourage them to market your podcasts and get more listeners on your page. Also, try to be strategic with your listener driving.

Step 10: Opt for sharing on a broader platform

As you are done creating your podcast, you can share it on other channels to draw more traffic. A podcast editing company is going to help you with keyword optimization and proper podcast editing, which will make your webinar more attractive as a podcast. Thus, keyword optimization improves the SEO of your podcast, which intends for better listeners.


Turning your webinar into your podcast is the best way to target more listeners for improving your marketing strategy. Opt for proper guests, who are capable of presenting your webinar in a user-friendly way, which, in turn, will help you with more traffic drawing on your podcast uploads.

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